Barrington, IL 60010


(847) 381-3105


Barrington, IL 60010


(847) 381-3105


Hi PJ,
I want to thank you again for the wonderful, timely, neat, and careful job your team accomplished for us. Barbara and I are very pleased with the results – not only with the pond itself but also with the way you minimized damage to the mature landscaping in the yard and around the pond. Hopefully this will solve all of our problems with water runoff down the hill. Please feel free to use us as a reference with future customers if it will help you in any way.

Roger Paulman

“PJ and his staff are the nicest, most knowledgable people I had working on my entire project – installing and setting up a new pool. I would highly recommend them.”

Lisa S.

Volo, IL

Dear PJ-

My wife and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with our pool. Your work showed creativity, attention to detail, and a compulsion to do the best job possible. The slide, cave, and vanishing edge on the pool, have been a source of great joy for us and the children.

We would highly recommend you to anyone who is seriously interested in a “one-of-a-kind” custom pool. Thank you, again, for all of your hard work. Our pool is truly everything we had hoped it would be.

Please stop by and see us when you are out our way. We consider you our friend and hope to stay in touch.

Ken and Linda Melchionna

PJ’s Concrete
Barrington, IL 60010

Dear PJ:

I am writing to thank you for creating and building our swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Our intent going into the project was to build a pool that was natural looking and fun for the entertaining. You accomplished both goals and went for beyond.

The project was especially challenging for two reasons. The first was that the pool had to be built into the side of a pretty steep hill. The second was that I was not very good at explaining what I wanted, yet I would know it when I saw it. I think this would be a huge challenge for any contractor except PJ.

During the construction phases PJ did a great job of personally managing the workers. He was on top of any issues that came up and settled them quickly. And best of all, he did a nice job of managing another contractor’s workers associated with the project.

Everyone I knew that built a pool had a story to tell about missed commitments, significant price overruns, and difficult workers. I had none of those problems with PJ and his men. I found that any additions made to the scope of work were priced very fairly. He did not use this as an opportunity to up-charge. In fact, I feel he guided me to the right decisions when I was unsure of what I wanted.

The pool turned out fantastic and it was a pleasure working with PJ’s Concrete. I would recommend him to anyone considering building a custom pool.

Greg and Nicole Miller

Lake Barrington, IL

PJ’s Concrete Pumping Service, Inc.
22N366 Pepper Rd.
Barrington, IL 60010-5931

Dear PJ:

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your work in upgrading our well treatment system and our therapy pool sanitation system. Your installation of the ECOsmarte system for our therapy pools and well system, in conjunction with the supplemental well system components you installed have worked magic with our water.

As you know, our water at our clinic was horrible. We registered at 19ppm sulfur. Besides the obvious problem of the sulfur smell in our clinic, the sulfur was literally destroying our building. Pipes were corroding and scaling. Our pool components like our Autofill and our light housings were corroding and constantly being replaced. Additionally, something in the nature of the water was adversely affecting the electrical conductivity of the water needed for our electrical stimulation whirlpool. We had an existing well treatment system in place. While the water didn’t smell, it continued to scale, corrode equipment, and decrease the effectiveness of our whirlpool treatment. I was quite skeptical about whether or not a new system would address all of our problems, but it did. Prior to the installation of our system, our employees would never drink the water. Now, the water is literally as fresh as bottled water.

Regarding our pool systems, the combination of the ECOsmarte system and the natural enzymes from the Natural Chemistry did the trick. Treating a 1,000 gallon pool where 10-15 dogs per day are swam requires the same amount of treatment as a 1,000 gallon pool with 900 people per day using it. We were previously using bromine as a sanitizer, and while it worked effectively, there were some drawbacks. First, it had a tendency to stain the pool walls. Secondly the dogs had a tendency to drink the water. I was uncomfortable with the dogs drinking the water sanitized with bromine. Lastly, the pool had a LOT of foam. Our pool water now is clean, clear and much safer than before, and not a bit of foam.

I clearly was skeptical about the ability of this system to handle our therapy pools. I can assure you that if the ECOsmarte system can handle our sanitation needs, it can handle anything.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your diligence in getting our problem resolved. We had some issues to work through, and your dedication to getting the problem resolved to my satisfaction is a testament to your customers. I would not hesitate to recommend you for any of your services to anyone. I truly appreciate all your hard work on what turned out to be a very challenging system.

Tom McCauley

Business and Operations Manager, TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation

“Very happy with PJs Pools. Needed the heater fixed on our pool. They came out and had to order a part. Ordered the parts needed and had it fixed in a couple of days at a very reasonable cost. Heater is working great.”

John K.

Algonquin, IL