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PJ’s Concrete Pumping Services

In addition to design and installation of pools, spas and water features, our concrete division, PJs Concrete Pumping and Conveyor Service, also provides stand-alone services for the residential and commercial concrete construction industry. We provide concrete and granular fill for building structures from home foundations, back yard additions to 5-story commercial building throughout northern Illinois.

Our workmanship for swimming pool construction and Shotcrete services are widely regarded throughout industry. We are often contracted by our associates to assist with their projects throughout the Midwest and have been contracted for projects in Grand Cayman (Holiday Inn) and Anguilla (Four Seasons).

Where ever your ready mix truck can’t get, we can. Our pumps reach up into buildings, around to back yards, and down into basements. We can accommodate you with different size lines from 5 inches down to 1 ½ inches, depending on the concrete mix your job calls for.

From earth home structures to foundation repairs,
no job is too big or too small for PJ’s Concrete

Shotcrete / Gunite is a building material consisting of a mixture of cement, sand, and water that is sprayed onto a mold.